How to Do Your Own SEO Free

Having the ability to build a website and then rank that website on the first page of Google is a skill that could make you very rich. In fact, it could make you a millionaire. The topic of SEO, and getting websites optimized for search is a topic of great discussion. Any practices that could result in massive amounts of money tend to start conversations. Every webmaster you speak with will likely have a different view on SEO, and a different method for improving the SEO on their own websites.

With the flurry of activity surrounding SEO it should come as no surprise that there are businesses you can pay to handle SEO for you. If you do not understand SEO basics, or you do not have the desire or time to learn it, then you may want to consider this option. For many people, this is the smartest route to take. However, you will pay for this convenience. Depending on the scope of the service you hire out you could likely pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars each month for these services. You must ensure that your website is monetized extremely well to be able to afford these pricey services.

Another option for optimizing your website is to do your own SEO free. The basic skills involved in opitmizing your website for search can be learned by anyone, and are not overly technical. In fact, there are even courses and manuals which include a step by step guide to good SEO. Following the instructions in these resources will allow you to boost the rankings of your website without spending any money. You can essentially do your own SEO for free!

Understanding the SEO basics will allow you to create an empire of niche sites to generate a massive monthly income. For example, if you are able to build a relatively small niche site and boost the earnings of that site to $300 per month, you would only need to create ten sites to generate a revenue of $3,000 per month. if you can then increase your website total to 100 websites, you would then be generating $30,000 per month! The possibilities are endless with this system because of the power of SEO. If you are able to do your own SEO for free, then you can build a website for little more cost than the domain name registration and turn a profit in the first month. A niche website generating profit from search engine traffic is also a very passive income stream. Once you have your website optimized it will continue to generate traffic and revenue with no contact from you. You can then spend your time building more income generating assets. You can visit to learn more information

Cutting Edge Search Engine Optimization Opportunities

Many online marketers have been frustrated over the past year with the constant need to change their SEO strategies due to constant Google updates and refreshes. Strategies that were the bread and butter of the online marketing industry have lost their value and in some cases resulted in significant penalties for their users. Though the penalties and updates have knocked many down it has also opened the path for new and innovative ways to do Search Engine Optimization.

Social Media

Social Media has become a significant part of Search Engine Optimization strategies. Social factors have traditionally not played as important of a role due to the fact that most of the links created through social media outlets are no-follow. However, these no follow links continue to grow in influence and still can spread significant amounts of link juice to the websites that they link to. On top of this Google’s attempt to push social media through Google Plus and Google Plus Local has resulted in an increase in weight given to their +1s in ranking factors. It seems like this trend will continue in the future as social factors and followings will give more relevance to the websites and pages they promote.

Private Blog Networks

Blog Networks have been around for a while within the Online Marketing industry, however most of the options were low quality and always had a risk of future penalties. With the introduction of Penguin some of the most well known Blog Networks were completely shut down. Online marketers searching for a quality and scalable link building option decided to try creating a Private Blog Network. The result has been a new push for niche blog networks where the owner can control all aspects of the network including: quality of the back-links, content quality, hosting, number of outbound links, look and feel of the website, etc. Because of the ability to control every aspect of the network many companies and individuals have seen tremendous success link building with these networks.


Finally media has become a great option for marketers to build traffic and exposure, but also positively influence ranking factors. By creating infographics, videos, images, and even music marketers have been able to tap into the linking power of sharing websites and industry specific websites to build authority to the websites they are promoting. By building unique media and sharing it marketers are able to tap into websites that have high PageRank and increase their own website’s ranking on the major search engines.

Do Your Own SEO Free

Managing an online presence and building a website’s popularity can be challenging if you are not familiar with how Internet marketing works and how you can reach your intended audience with the use of a variety of platforms and tools. Understanding how to implement SEO, or search engine optimization, will allow you to ensure you are getting as much exposure as possible when it comes to your site, regardless of the industry you are working in or representing.

Why is SEO Important?

Search engine optimization is a key factor in determining success when you are trying to promote a blog, website or an entire corporate brand online. SEO helps to increase the amount of times your website appears within search results based on the keywords entered and the relevance to your own site. When SEO is implemented correctly, you can see a spike in traffic based on what other users are interested in and searching to find. When you want to do your own SEO free, it is possible with a clear understanding of your target audience, the products or services you have to offer and the keywords that directly reflect your brand or business. For details, you can visit

Know Your Products and Services

Knowing what you have to offer to your users and potential customers will help you to better understand what they may be searching for to find your website. The more insight you have into your target market, the easier it will be to choose the right keywords to attract new visitors and clients.

Choosing the Right Keywords

When you are implementing SEO on your own for free, it is important to brainstorm for the best keywords you should be using based on your intended target demographic and search trends. Research search trends online with relevant keywords that are fitting for your business to understand the best keywords you should focus on to increase traffic while generating potential sales.

Implementing SEO Yourself

Once you have a clear understanding of the keywords you want to focus on, you have the ability to add SEO into your site for free by properly titling your content, changing the headers of your website and even adding in meta tags, keywords and descriptions that the search engines will pick up on when they are automatically scanning your site. The more relevant the titles of your content are, the more likely you are to find visitors on your site who are genuinely interested in the content, services or products you have to offer. Consistently researching the market you represent is another key factor in ensuring you are receiving the most visitors and page views possible by utilizing the right keywords within your site’s headers, content titles and meta tags.

The Benefits of Guest Blogging

Why in the world would you want to spend your time writing content for someone else’s blog?

Well, we will give you four good reasons to start with.

Driving Traffic

There are more and more high profile blogs opening their doors to bloggers who want more exposure and can provide “good content” for their readers. The exchange is more than fair and it’s a win-win situation for all involved. Anyone with a new blog should really consider guest blogging as one way of stimulating traffic to their site.

Generating Backlinks

If you’re at all concerned about ranking in the search engines then this method is great for getting high quality backlinks.

With all the changes going on in the SEO world the need for high quality backlinks is at a premium. The key word here is “high quality.” Google has clamped down on the old traditional form of link building by shutting down most of the link farms. This was an acceptable practice for years, but now there’s a scramble to get backlinks that Google likes.

As you can imagine, sites that are reputable and offer high quality “link juice” are being swamped with requests from writers. If you’re going to approach one of these sites then be prepared to suggest a subject that really rings a bell with their readers. You will have to do a little homework and find out what the readers of that blog like.

Building Your Brand

If your guest post is accepted, then your stock goes up through association. Choose the site you want to write for carefully. Any article you write that ends up on that site will automatically link you to the reputation of that site.

Google will also use the connection for ranking your site, so it becomes even more imperative that you choose sites to write for that are trustworthy.

Social Recognition

It’s becoming more evident that social circles are not only a good way to attract new visitors, but for SEO purposes Google seems to pay attention to social activity for ranking sites.

Facebook and Twitter are the two main players in this space. If you are writing a guest post for a high traffic, high quality site, then you can expect your article will generate a lot of buzz – that is if it’s good.

Lets Recap – you want to look for sites that have:

1. Subject matter relevant to your blog 2. Good reputation 3. Trustworthy 4. High traffic 5. Good page rank

In return you will provide:

1. Unique topic 2. Relevant information 3. Well researched article 4. Well written article

When executed properly, taking a few hours of your time and writing an article for another blog can reap big benefits. It is truly a win-win situation for both parties.

For tips and advices on guest blogging, you can log on to

SEO Services: The Difference Between A Thriving Business and a Closed Business

Everyone who owns a website is looking for a way that they can bring more people onto their website. The problem is that this can sometimes be difficult. The strategies that work for other people do not always work for everyone. Nonetheless, someone who invests their money in SEO services is likely to see a great return on their investment. SEO is called an investment because what it should do is bring more traffic back to a person’s website. If it does not do that, then it would be wise to keep looking for another company. What does it take to own a successful website? In order to own a successful website, a person should be seeing an increase in traffic on their website every month. In business, people are either dying or growing, so it is important to decide where a business is currently at, and fix it so that it will be growing over time. Even if it is only a little bit at a time; after a while, that little bit will add up to great amounts of growth. An SEO company can help to make sure that a website owner’s business is only growing. Look For A Company With Clients A good SEO company should have a decent volume of clients. There is no shortage of work for people who do high quality work, so a company that is doing good work should have a fair amount of clients. Consider Years Of Experience A company grinding on their craft day in and day out will have greater knowledge than a new company that just popped up recently. They earned their skill by working on it nonstop. This means that they will also more than likely do a good job with the work they offer, and it will maximize the dollar of anyone who hires them. Look For Guarantees A company that is confident in the product being offered will give a guarantee because they are not worried about providing low quality work. It also shows that a company is willing to do the extra work to keep a client happy. When looking for an SEO company, look for a company that is willing to go the extra mile. Companies that go the extra mile deserve the business that they receive and more, so it is important to give referrals to these companies to ensure the prosperity of their work. It is a small way that people can give back to good companies.

Click here to learn more about reviews of different SEO service companies.

Guide on Choosing an SEO Friendly Domain

It is important to know that choosing an SEO friendly domain name will give you the needed motivation to succeed. Google and every other search engine give significant attention to domains with quality keywords. Your name will be given a high rank when it will have the necessary keywords of your niche. Also, if your name is SEO friendly, you will get more visitors to your site.

Take into consideration the following for choosing a SEO friendly domain:

The title of your website has to be similar with the title of your domain. This is pertinent because when your visitors think about your site, they will do that by the title of the domain. Also, if it is the same with your URL, your visitors will naturally know what to type in order to get to your site. You can lose customers when this is not applied. It is advantageous in the sense that customers will be able to memorize your site name. This will aid them in locating you often; thereby your business will increase. If you are starting a new business, it is advisable to obtain a domain name first and later the website name.

Get a domain that goes with your brand name or generic name. This is necessary since the title you used to market your niche/products will be the title you will like for your website. It is so because that is what people will usually type if they desire to browse your website. It will also make it easy for them to recall all at your own advantage.

Consider the length of time you will register/renew your name. This will assist you to increase your Google or any other search engine rankings. It is so because they consider a site real and reliable when its date of termination and the period is very long say from five to ten years. When you register or renew a domain on a plan of 5 to 10 years, it eases off the stress of yearly renewing. In addition, the possibility of having your name registered by another person all together when it expires will not be there since the period for renewal is long.

How long or short the domain name is. Unlike a long domain name, a short one can be recalled without difficultly and the possibility of misspelling is reduced during typing. Long names with important keywords are beneficial since they do well in many search engines. This is so because the important keywords are favorites of search engines.

There are advantages and disadvantages of having domains with hyphens. One of the disadvantages is that they cannot be recalled easily. Also, in recommending the name orally to a potential visitor more mistakes are witnessed. In addition, it requires full attention to key in and it is complex when typing. However, one of the advantages is that Google and other search engines can differentiate the keywords in your domain name thereby making your site more noticeable. Nevertheless, you can select the name of your choice since there is the possibility of the non-hyphenated type being unavailable.

To conclude, your choice of domain or domain name should always be the priority before going for a business or website name. This works in your favor when choosing an SEO friendly domain.

How to Get a Good SEO Service Provider

With the fast growing technology, the use of internet is also increasing on a rapid rate. All the aspiring and successful companies wish to get reputation and recognition on the internet for which they get websites made with the assistance of professionals. In order to have a successful company it is important to go through the business objects, So that they can understand the things which they need to utilize in their business. One of the best ways with the help of which one can get reputation and recognition in the world of internet is adopting the SEO service. The SEO which is also known as Search Engine Optimization helps in making a website attractive. Some of the benefits of SEO are

  • Many techniques are involved in SEO that helps in making a website look good which further helps in attracting more and more customers
  • It makes a website sensible and attractive
  • It is a kind of online marketing technique and helps in promotion of the company and its products

There are many different Search Engine Optimization companies available in the world of technology, but it is important to get engaged with the best SEO service. There are many tips required for selecting the best company and some of them are

Selection of an Honorable Company

One thing should be kept in mind that experienced professionals help in providing the most effective SEO service. So selection of a principled company that has experienced and trained professionals would help in getting the best service.

Consider Various Options

As mentioned above, there are many organizations and companies that offer the Search Engine Optimization service, so the initial step to be taken by them is to create a long list of companies. This would help in getting many options and select the best and most appropriate Search Engine Optimization Service Provider. Having various options of Search Engine Optimization service provider allows the people to get to know about various services being provided.

Consider Various Search Engine Optimization Designs

Search Engine Optimization is a service which includes many different designs and services. The companies and organizations that are looking for Search Engine Optimization service should consider various designs and previous works done by that particular organization so that they can see and understand the kind of work done by them.

Hiring of a Good Professional

Search Engine Optimization is a service which should be done by the professionals who are experienced so that they can deliver the best work. The experienced professionals should be hired for the daily up gradations of the website as it should be changed from time to time according to the changing scenario, changing technology and also the needs and wants of the customers. A good website should be made so that it attracts more and more customers.

Hope by this above you can get the idea, About how toget a good SEO service provider.

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