Consider Google Adword Call Extension and Tracking

Using Google adwords has long been one of the most successful ways for stay at home online businesses to make their money. Those who use adwords to market their businesses benefit from the fact that you only pay-per-click rather than paying for ads that never bring in anything. Those on the Internet directing traffic and using search engine optimization also find success with adwords. But, if you really want to get ahead in the world of Internet marketing then it’s time to step it up a notch and go mobile.

More people are using smart phones to search for goods and services they want with immediate results. This translates into an incredibly high conversion rate from search to sale, but also means if mobile phone users cannot access you easily they’ll move on. Adwords call extension is a service that Google provides which incorporates a phone number directly into your advertisement. Statistics have shown that including these hyper-linked numbers has increased sales conversion by 10%. It just makes sense that a person searching for something on their mobile phone is going to conclude that search by clicking on a number and making a purchase. Having your number linked to your ad is just plain smarts.

Lets step it up one more notch. Adwords tracking is a service that can optimize your marketing campaigns. Using specially designed software, companies like Log My Calls can provide you with direct insight into your actual return on investment as they gather information about every call that comes from your adwords ad. This service is easy to use, simply make sure the number that appears in your ad is one issued to you by Log My Calls. This number will be directed to your normal business line, but will be monitored allowing you to see how much of your business comes from the adwords publicity. Every time you create a new ad for Google to put up make sure to use a different number from Log My Calls so they can keep the data of each ad separate and you can see which one is working the best for you.

Adwords tracking will provide you with information about each call including: who called, where they called from, how long the call lasted, if the call ended in a sale, etc. Any smart business person is going to want to make sure their streamlining their investments into those areas that will make them direct profit, which makes user-friendly software like Log My Calls a huge blessing for small businesses. For more information visit

Some important terms you must know if you are planning an online business

Are you aware of the below mentioned terms. Does any of the following make sense to you?

  • Search engine Marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Pay per click
  • Social media marketing
  • …etc

If it does not, then it’s about time that you brush up on the search engine terms and phrases. It will help you in discussing your online marketing practices and plans. Digital marketing is the future, so you must know these terms and what they could mean for your online business.

  1. Search engine marketing: It is basically promotion of the website and increasing the search engine visibility of the website. It is done with the help of advertising and website optimization. Search engine marketing is a comprehensive term and search engine optimization (both off-page and on-page), pay per click, social media marketing, etc. are all a part of SEM.
  2. Search engine optimization: Search engine optimization is a procedure to increase the website visibility and search engine ranking. These techniques are used to increase the search engine traffic. The more often a website or a web page appears in search engine query results the more web traffic it will attract. Search engine optimization is not a paid activity.
  3. Pay per click: Advertisers pay the search engine or the publisher when a user clicks on the advertised ad, in the Pay per click advertising model. You can create ad campaigns on Google with the help of Google Adwords. Advertisers offer/bid the amount they are ready to pay, each time a search engine user clicks on the ad.
  4. Social Media marketing: Social media marketing is the process to create a huge, appealing and engaging presence on social media websites. The intention behind the social media activities is to create customer relations and build brand loyalty. This helps in increasing search engine traffic as well. Most common networking websites are Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+.
  5. Content Marketing: This refers to attracting more visitors to the website with the help of comprehensive, well researched, valuable content. The idea is to create brand consciousness and retain reader’s attention. The idea behind content marketing is to create content that spreads like fire, compelling visitors to visit your website again and again.
  6. Keyword: Keyword is basically the search query used by users looking for something on the web. For example you are looking for ladies shoes, your search query can be branded ladies shoes, cheap ladies shoes, leather ladies shoes etc.In case you type branded ladies shoes in Google search box, Google will use this phrase to determine which indexed page is the most appropriate and will provide appropriate information for your query.You must choose the most competitive keyword for your business that will fetch you maximum search engine traffic. This you can do with the help of Google Adword Keyword tool.
  7. Search engine result pages: When you search for something on search engines, the results that are displayed are called Search Engine results. The results that appear on the top of the search engine query are the high ranking websites.

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SEM Experts guide Target Consumers toward a Sale

Online marketing is very different than traditional Marketing

Online marketing varies greatly from the work that is done outside the realm of the Internet but the practices that are responsible for driving sales though customer interaction are similar to the forms of marketing that are at the a heart of any professionally developed campaign. Where the main differences between online and offline or traditional marketing come into play is through the direction that media takes as it focuses on the target of a campaign. For any Search Engine Marketing or SEM campaign to be successful it needs to identify the end-user and like a laser take aim at getting a person to buy products or visit services providers that have used the search engines to attract attention to them self.

Internet marketing Targets specific Consumers

By contrast traditional marketing methods do not tend to focus on a single consumer, but instead promote a shotgun firing approach to marketing that blasts a message across the media and hopes that someone will be affected by the broad message that is intended for a large group of people. Laser beam concentrations of focused energy provide the means for an organization to pinpoint a specific consumer target and present them with the messages that are intended to deliver the consumer into the hands of a business that is able to close the sale. Consultants and specialists that work in the field of Internet marketing are able to provide the campaigns and tactics that not only hone in on a business’ ideal consumer, but also promote the products or service of the organization that are presented through keyword optimized content.

Keyword enriched Campaigns attract Buyers to a Website

Although it is preferable that a business owner manages a website that can be optimized for the best results from a campaign strategy it is not necessary for a small enterprise to lack the presence of a website and still gain from the work that generates sales and foot traffic through a targeted campaign strategy. Optimized maps and profiles of the business allow the company to still use keyword enriched content to target their ideal customer and deliver the individuals that match up to their profile to the place where they can make a purchase. However for optimal results the ability to market a website provides the ability to create keyword enriched content that is used in link building to allow the website to rise through the ranks of the search engine results pages and emerge at the top of the results for a search inquiry.

Sales are the Goal of online Marketing Strategies

While the end goal of online marketing is not placement in the search engines, but is in fact the realization of increased sales the position of a website directly correlates to the number of target consumers that will move from the page of their search browser to the landing page a website that can deliver the subject of their search. Relying on the profile of the target consumer to build the keyword selection and campaign strategy for a business, SEM experts are able to deliver the strategies that turn people browsing the web into people that are buying from online retailers and service providers. Instead of firing a blasted mixed message into a mass audience and hoping that a few people will take the bait from a traditional marketing message, search marketing experts deliver the campaigns that target individual consumers and guide them toward a purchase.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Search Engine Marketing Company

Choosing the right seo company can play a major role in improving the amount of traffic directed to your website. This will in turn improve the chances of this traffic converting into actual sales hence more returns from your investment. While thinking of choosing a service provider, it is thus important to ensure that you settle for the right professionals. The following are factors which can be checked when selecting a search engine marketing company.

Before setting out in search for a suitable provider, it is beneficial to have substantial knowledge about web marketing. This will help you know if the goals of a particular company are realistic or not. The concept of search engine optimization has gained much popularity among online entrepreneurs all aiming at improving the ranks of their websites. To choose the right professional, you will have to devote a considerable amount of time and effort while evaluating the suitability of every prospective service provider.

Locating potential service providers is very crucial. A number of approaches can be used including asking friends and searching online. Ask your friends in the industry to recommend companies they think can offer excellent services. Similarly, if you decide to search online, ensure that you first read review about that company before settling for their services. Irrespective of which firm is referred ensure you evaluate their suitability for your business first.

The first thing to check is the approach used by that firm in helping you achieve your goals. There are many techniques which can be used in this venture, some of their being unethical. Some unethical techniques can put your site at a risk of penalization although they are capable of helping you achieve short term gains.

You may also want to know which other people the firm is working for. It may not be an excellent idea to choose a service provide who is also optimizing the website of your competitor. This is because strategies and techniques used in optimizing your site could be used in optimizing the website of your competitors thus compromising your chances.

You also need to keenly check the results posted by the firm under consideration. Most companies have appealing portfolios but it is wise that you validate their claims. While evaluating the results of a prospective service provider, consider checking which engines they have achieved top ranks. These engines should be the most popular ones.

Optimizing a website is an ongoing process and not a one-time quick fix. The company should be in a position of offering reliable support and reporting to help you maintain your top rank. The reports provided should be based on major engines, include overviews and recommendations on how to perform better in your business.

Choosing a search engine marketing company requires a lot of research. A number of factors should thus be checked first and these include the techniques employed in achieving this goal, the cost of services, results produced, support and reporting. Considering these factors will enable you make an informed decision.

One of The Best Search Engines for Your Computer

Very often, as part of our work, we have to find out a word that has been used in the documents, stored on our computer. SeekFast is a programme that can be of great help to everyone who needs to do this quickly.

Free and paid versions

First, it is important to point out that, as most of the other programmes, this one too has a free version and a paid version. A person who decides to invest money in this software (which costs 14 USD) will be able to use it throughout their whole life, plus he/she will get all the updates for free. In comparison with the paid version, the free version can search a smaller number of files, but it can be used freely.

What documents can be searched

SeekFast can search Word documents, which is really helpful for the millions of people who use Word on a daily basis. The search engine can also search PDF documents, but there are some things that have to be considered in this respect. The first one is that for the time being it can search only PDF documents that use Latin characters. The developers promise this shortcoming will be eliminated in the subsequent versions. The second important thing to be considered is that you can search only files that do not exceed the 3,3 MB limit. One the one hand, this could be a disadvantage for those who work with large PDF files, but on the other hand, this guarantees that your computer will not become slower in the working process.

How to use SeekFast

This search engine is user-friendly, because one can easily do whatever he/she wants to. Even beginners will be able to search Word documents or PDF documents. All they have to do is enter the word or phrase they want to find and choose the folder to be searched by using the Browse button. The other option is to right-click on the folder and choose SeekFast. I find the second option particularly useful, since it can save us precious time.

Moreover, the searched words are easy to notice, because they are shown in red. One can easily open the document containing the searched terms with a single click or see the surrounding text by clicking on the word in red.

Who can use this programme

This software is suitable for accountants, lawyers, teachers, journalists, translators, students, or practically everyone who regularly works with texts.

All in all, searching words by opening the documents on our computer one by one can be really boring and exhaustive. If you want to invest your time in something more productive, try using SeekFast – it works really well and quickly.


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