Top 4 Tips For Renting A Trash Bin Without Getting Ripped Off

The market is flooded with so many removal junk companies these days and some of them are scammers who will take advantage of customers who know nothing about disposal bin rental. The said scamming trash removal companies have many misleading advertisements and websites that promise customers unbelievable and unattainable rates. Great caution should be taken with such offers. Most of these companies are fraudsters seeking to get as much money as possible from unsuspecting clients. However, if you know what you want when it comes to the removal of your trash, for instance getting the correct rental disposal bins from the right trash removal service provider, you can be able to avoid falling into prey of such fraudulently companies.

Here are few tips on how to rent a disposal bin without getting scammed.

  • Watch out for companies that insist you pay them upfront in hard cash. It may appear at first as a great value for your money but if you do your calculations well, the said price maybe twice the initial price.
  • Select a trash removal company that charges by the ton or kilogram. A company that charges by volume normally has a higher charge than a trash rental company that charges by weight. The latter is more accurate and offers a better value for your money.
  • It is advisable that you select a company that has a good track record and references of high quality. Such companies have staff members that are friendly and willing to go an extra mile to ensure that your needs and expectations are properly met. They also try to do the impossible to please their customers, for example last minute garbage collection and its disposal. A bin company that has a good track record pays its employees well. This makes motivated and thus are able to offer the best services to their customers.
  • Companies that have been around for a little longer have appropriate expertise in this industry and you will rarely have issues with them. Do not forget that experience is what offers a service provider the ability to do what is right thing. Quality customer service is what they offer without question.
  • Choosing the right bin for the type of garbage you have will save you from some costly expenses. Before renting your dumpster, you will need to identify the kind of trash you need to get rid of. The bins range from rolloffs, lugger bin to mini-rolloffs. There are many options to choose from meaning you will definitely get one that suits the kind of trash removal task you have. For example, rolloff bins are designed with doors at the back which makes certain trash removal jobs easier.

Security Is The Best Marketing Tool You Can Use When Selling High Value Goods!

There are some companies that normally deal with large volumes of cash on account of the fact that they sell very high value items. For instance, when you run a jewelry store, you are likely to have many customers who spend a lot of money each visit. One of the things that you need to do in order to make them more confident about spending money in your store is to make it more secure for them. This is an issue that is very important in such settings, since it can determine how much money you make from the business. There are a number of ways of making your customers more confident when buying anything from your store including:

Accepting safer methods of payment

When you run a facility such as a jewelry store, it may make sense to offer your customers multiple ways of paying for the goods. For instance, when they are buying a watch that is worth $5,000, it may not be fair to ask them to carry the cash. The very act of carrying large amounts of money around increases their risk, and this means that they could consider other ways of buying the goods they need, such as from other vendors.

To avoid this, you should accept safer means of payment. For instance, credit card payments or the use of checks is much safer for most people, since it does not involve carrying around a lot of cash. You should therefore accept these forms of payment from them.

Enhancing security in the premises

You also need to take measures to make the premises more secure. These include investing in K9 security services as well as other devices such as cameras and safety glass. This makes it easier for you to reduce the amount of robbery that you and the customers are susceptible to, and also puts them at ease when they come looking for merchandise.

The location of the premises

When you intend to sell high value items, you also need to be very careful about where you have the facility located. Ideally, you need to select a location that is safe and free from too much human traffic, as this may make it easier for your customers to feel safer when visiting your store.

When you want to sell high value items such as jewelry and some kinds of electronics, it is very important that you think about the security of both you and your customers. This is one of the best marketing tools you can use in such a setting.

Marketing Companies Help Make Your Dream a Reality

You have just launched your new small business. It has been years in the making, but it is finally happening. You have a business license, a concept, and a product or service; all that is missing are customers. How do you make that transition between an idea and a successful business? By getting your name recognized. Marketing companies in Chicago or wherever you are can help you establish a name and a reputation that will help get your business recognized. They will help create a web presence, create a recognizable logo, and drive traffic through events.

Web Presence

The way to get recognized in 2013 is through the web. Any company that wants to make a name and doesn’t have a web presence is shooting themselves in the foot. The smart phone has taken over the industry, and people are now twice as likely to surf the web on their phone. Because they have 24-hour Internet access anywhere they go, it is their go-to source for information. If they pass by your store and it looks interesting to them, chances are they will look you up online before actually stepping foot inside your doors. Your own website is a chance to make your business look appealing to a potential customer. A lot must go into your site to ensure a positive user experience. Additionally, you must take advantage of social media sites that will further expose your name and brand. A well-designed website goes a long way to create interest in a very technology-minded generation.

Create a Logo

Before you do an official launch of your company, it is imperative that you have a quality logo. Enlist marketing companies in Chicago or wherever you live to help. This means the logo should be clean, easy to remember, and related to your business. For example, if you are starting a law firm, you don’t want your logo to be too colorful or cutesy. You would want it to be clean and simple with sophisticated font and design. In contrast, if you are starting a children’s clothing line, you want your logo to be softer, more whimsical with more color and an interesting font. When it comes to branding, you should have a logo with some portion that can be recognized alone. You could use the circle around your company name or an image within the logo. That way, people can associate that image with your company as well as the full logo.

Drive Traffic

Once you have a quality website and a recognizable brand, it’s time to drive customers. The best way to accomplish your goal is by having an opening event. Create excitement and chatter by hosting a party no one will want to miss.

Starting a business is an exciting time. Generating customers to your business, however, can be stressful if you don’t know where to start or how to brand your company. Marketing companies in Chicago will give you the tools to turn your dream into reality.

6 Top Tips for Personal Branding

Just like those giant corporations out there such as Apple, KFC and Marks & Spencer, you too have an image you project to the world. It’s how others judge where you fit in to their scheme of things and in fact, whether you actually fit in at all.

We all do it when we put ourselves forward for an interview project a particular image that is. In a world where employees research you just as much as you research them online, how do you get across the image you want? How can we make sure that image is good enough to get us the job, the partner, the favours etc that we need?

Tips to help you brush up on your own personal brand

Focus on your uniqueness

It’s hard to stand out from the crowd these days but one way to do is to accentuate what makes you different from anyone else. Maybe it’s your specialist knowledge on a certain subject, all those sporting trophies you’ve won, your sense of humour even.

Get your voice right

Not only will you probably have your own blog and social media pages, you’ll likely be leaving comments on other online media within your industry. Just like a brand or organisation will create a presence to attract customers, you should create a presence suitable for attracting job offers. Consider how unique content, authorship and your social channels help to do this. Just make sure that you project the attitude you’re looking for and that you’re consistent with it. For instance, are you the serious type, a bit of a joker, someone known for their wit? Your opinions, of course, should also be consistent.

Befriend authority figures

Get to know the experts in your sector and make sure you’re following them. Better still; get them to follow you back. Join the groups relevant to your industry in channels such as LinkedIn and Twitter then make comments on what others post, maybe even share their posts on your own blog if you think they’re well written and it’s the type of article your own followers would like to read. Better still; upload your own blog post or online article onto those groups.

Check what’s being said about you

All the big corporations have PR agencies that check what’s being written about their client and apply ‘fire-fighting’ techniques if it’s something negative. To employ a PR agency costs a lot of cash though. One effective way to monitor your own online brand is to set up Google Alerts. Then, when you find something mentioning you always comment on it whether it’s to say thanks for the post/comment or to clarify your argument if you believe someone has picked you up wrongly.

Use the best tools

What’s the best way to get your personality out there? If you’re good at presentations maybe you could do a video. If writing’s more your thing stick to blogging. Maybe you’re arty, good at photography? Whatever medium you excel at use it.

Don’t make obvious mistakes

When it comes to tools, your website or blog is, of course, the biggie. That’s where people learn all about you and what you’re offering the world. Don’t embarrass yourself by spelling words wrongly or using poor grammar. You could have the best ideas or opinions in the business but if you can’t get them across without readers shaking their head at your poor English then they’re not going to be quite as impressive.

Think about and implement – all of the above and you can’t fail to improve your personal brand while at the same time, extending it even further.







Why You Should Trade In Gold – Best Reasons Lie Right Here!

Gold is traded in market called spot markets. It is the most preferable trading precious metal because of its acceptability in the world and in various markets in the world. Compared to silver price and platinum price, gold is the fairest, being second to platinum and affordable to most people and is not as cheap as silver.

Investing in gold has its share of disadvantages such as when you own the physical gold, your security becomes an issue and when the demand is low and supply is high, you might have to be patient in making money with it. However, the latter is true for all tradable precious metals. The following are the advantages of investing in gold:

1. Gold trading is flexible

Gold trading is conducted twenty-four hours a day for six days a week from Sunday to Friday. This means that if you are an executive who works a 9-5 job, you can come home and monitor the movements and the progress of the gold trading in the internet on the market where you trade in. You can also consult with your portfolio manager on what do when the supply is low and the price has gone up, there are time they can even get you speculative information which is good for the trading environment.

2. You get treated like a king

Everyone invests in stocks but not all people can afford to trade in gold. In brokerage firms, you are treated better for your stake in gold and as it keeps on increasing, you become a valuable customer to them and your account is handled by the best. This experience is exciting especially because the service is personalized to you as an individual. You have a direct line to call, you get your statements on time, and you get to observe how your gold is being traded and other exceptional top of the line services.

3. You make your money either way

When investing in gold, the one thing you can be certain of all the time with a good investor is a return. As gold demand rises and the supply dwindles, you make your money, and as the gold price goes down with the currency rising, the investors change the gold for the currency so you still make money. This is a win-win situation for every trader unlike stocks where the stocks lose value if their prices go down with nothing else to do.

4. Gold has good liquidity

The best thing about investing in gold is the fact that gold is easily changed into money and money into gold. This is very convenient especially when the currency market is doing better than the gold market and vice versa.

The Impact of Marketing Purpose on Content and Copywriting

Innovation is nothing without marketing- if the developments within your business aren’t acknowledged by your target market, what’s the use of investing so much time and resources? Therefore, an aggressive marketing campaign is what is essential to establish your product in the market. There are numerous techniques which will enable you to make the right moves within the market and ensure that the vibes of your product are felt throughout the industry. Online marketing is one of these techniques- websites, e-ads, e-mails and social networking; all these ensure that your product experiences a revival. However, there are some important things you need to keep in mind before you employ the e-marketing methodology.

Creating Impact: Marketing Online

Dealing with consumers tactfully should be at the top of your priority list- keep the following pointers in mind when designing a marketing plan for your product over the internet:

  • Read the reader: You’ve got to know who your reader is, the kind of background he/she belongs to and the type of lifestyles they lead. This will help you dive deeper into the market- you will know exactly how to cheer up your customers and how to create a bigger fan following.
  • Keep it short and sweet: With so much information going around the internet, people will prefer to skim and scan the easier, shorter websites which give them what they want. To attract a greater number of people, make sure you use short paragraphs emphasizing the gist of your product. Use subheadings, bullets and visible text for your writings and of course, pen down your content in the most eloquent manner possible!
  • Add fun: The best websites are those that jingle their message through, i.e. communicate with their consumers in a fun, exciting manner! The worst you can do to yourself is to make the consumers think your website was the most boring of all!
  • Link it Up: Use links to substantiate and support your claims. The search engines rank websites and blogs according to the number of links they use as well. So, in order to minimize your chances of being filtered out by the search engines use good links too.
  • Keywords: Make sure you know the cards you’re playing on- use the right keywords in the right amounts- this lends a higher probability of you hitting your target demographic segment and pumping up your sales.
  • Engaging Titles: Title your articles/blogs with the most compelling titles- this will arouse curiosity among the consumers who will hit a click on your website!
  • Edit: Don’t leave your work like a lousy writer- read, edit, and brainstorm and come back with a bang in each sentence you write!
  • Strong connotations: Use powerful, persuasive language that magnets the consumers towards the product or service; that’s how you win the game!

So, content management, copywriting and content strategy should keep the above mentioned points in mind so that consumers read and reach out to the product, so that they realize that the product in question is THE one they desire and that the company providing it is the one!

Offline Marketing Still An Effective Medium Today

Everyone seems to be talking about online marketing these days and while it’s true that online marketing is important for SME’s, offline marketing definitely shouldn’t be forgotten about. In fact, there are a lot of offline marketing techniques that can really jumpstart your business and the good news is that a lot of them are not only cheap, but will easily generate a huge ROI.

With businesses investing in SEO, PPC, Social Media or Directory listings are finding their ROI’s diminish quite expediently, we’re here to highlight some of the most effective offline marketing strategies that you should be using to generate a serious amount of buzz around your small business.


Even though the internet is a popular method of advertising, advertising on cable is still a great means of reaching consumers. While the introduction of the digital video recorder has made advertising on cable different, it is by no means difficult or expensive. The low cost of advertising on cable is very attractive and, since many people are still using cable television for advertising late nights, you could even come up with an infomercial suitable for your business goals.

Offline Newsletters

Whether you have been running a newsletter for your company or organization for a long time, or you are thinking about doing one, you may wonder about whether you should run advertising in newsletters. Or perhaps you are looking to run ads in someone else’s newsletter, and want to know whether it is a good use of your money. Well, there is real value to running advertising in newsletters, making it a win-win for both parties.

Depending upon how many ads you run, and how much you are able to charge, you can get money for your costs in running your newsletter, and even more money that can go towards your business, or towards you making more money in your profession. Old timers still read local Traders and would certainly entertain your newsletter as well.

Social Is Hot, Though

There are thousands of social media sites found on the Internet today. With over a billion social media site users actively taking part in these sites, it only makes sense that businesses should strive to maintain a good marketing presence through them. Social media sites allow businesses to communicate with consumers through an assortment of mediums including texts, photos, and videos. If businesses use these sites in the correct manner, they can stay in constant contact with existing customers as well as reach new ones.

Ok, so why not advertise your business through offline social events if social media is still hot? We’re scratching our heads asking the same darn thing. Advertise your business at skating parties which will get shared online; seems to make sense, yet others aren’t thinking too far outside their budget zone.

Learn more at


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