The Impact of Marketing Purpose on Content and Copywriting

Innovation is nothing without marketing- if the developments within your business aren’t acknowledged by your target market, what’s the use of investing so much time and resources? Therefore, an aggressive marketing campaign is what is essential to establish your product in the market. There are numerous techniques which will enable you to make the right… Read moreRead more

The Basics of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

If, lately, you have felt overwhelmed by the daily grind at the office and you are itching to do other more important tasks to propel your business forward, then you might want to consider hiring a virtual assistant. Many have already had a great experience with hiring VAs and are enjoying the benefits of having… Read more

Driving a Conversation on Facebook

The key to using Facebook as an effective marketing tool is to get people involved with your conversation. They will like what you do, share it and comment on it if it’s useful to them: note, this conversation is usually ad free. Ads are what real people hate about businesses on Facebook. People use social… Read more

Creating an Effective Brand PR Campaign

A lot of small business owners are asking, how can you guarantee that your public relations campaign is efficient? Well, written below you can find a simple to follow guide that lists the essential steps that has to be taken in order to create an effective, intuitive as well as unique PR campaign. Read on!… Read more

How to Use Facebook Graph for Business

Facebook finally announced the launch of Facebook Graph Search a couple of weeks ago as their newest and latest feature for users. Those who signed up to use this new beta feature was instantly upgraded, but for those who didn’t, the change will come to you sooner or later. If like many, Facebook is crucial… Read more

4 SEO Metrics to Watch

Search Engine Optimization is an industry surrounded by metrics. Thanks to the likes of metrics packages like Google Analytics, Statcounter, and Clicktale, business and website owners have the availability to be buried under a mountain of data when it comes to visitors to their own website. With that said, it’s hard to understand where to… Read more

Two Tips For Successful Business Symposium Hosting

There are many times when it may make sense for you to host a number of business associates from a foreign country. For instance, when you are organizing some kind of business symposium or just want to make a few business links, you may find it prudent to host them for some kind of event…. Read more


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